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About Us

If ever there was a brand that walked that thin line between life and art, fantasy and reality, it’s Vagabond Co.

Vagabond Co. is one of the fastest growing high-end clothing/lifestyle super brands in the global market. And it’s about to get bigger. But it’s not about fame and glory – it’s about living art; it’s about daring to dream; it’s about mateship, camaraderie and respect.

It’s art and music and surfing and cars and bikes. It’s about fun.

It’s about the journey and who you take it with. It’s about pushing boundaries.

Vagabond Co. is your lifestyle, hardwired into your subconscious, into your DNA. It’s there, in your blood, and there’s nothing you can do about it except give in, breathe it in, devour it, absorb it into every cell of your body.

It’s just who you are, and who you were destined to be.

Vagabond Co. is way more than a clothing company – it’s a company formed from a vision to merge art with fashion to create a truly unique wearable garment.

Our philosophy is simple: Wear Your Skin®. No more hiding your ink under layers of fabric; no more covering up. It’s about designs that work with your beautiful artwork; that feel as if they are part of your skin.

The Vagabond Co. lifestyle spills from our clothing to our digital magazine, Beneath the Skin®, a visual extravaganza that will stir your senses.

Our journey includes promoting the most amazing artists and musicians, nurturing talent and taking the road less travelled.

Our calling is to create a unique journey for each of our customers, from the time you receive your purchase to the time you first put it on.

We want you to be part of our story, to help shape it, to come with us as we launch our brand internationally in 2015, to become part of our DNA.

More than anything, Vagabond Co. is about being comfortable in your skin and wearing it with pride.

How do you “Wear Your Skin®”?