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ADVERTISING? It’s a worry, right? The WHERE, the WHY, the COST!

But it’s one of those things you can’t live without – NOT in this highly competitive world, NOT if you really want your product to stand out.

FACT: Digital Advertising Drives Sales & ROI

Yep, we know, tech talk is boring but you need to know these things!

Nielsen completed more than 800 studies over the past seven years, collaborating with more than 300 CPG brands and 80 companies to measure the correlation between online advertising and offline consumer purchases. Nielsen concluded that brands can experience a return of almost three dollars in incremental sales for every dollar spent in online advertising that has been precisely delivered using purchase-based information.

Fine, you say! That’s great. But it’s still boring!

Not if you choose a platform that totally gets you and your product; a platform that lives the lifestyle you are promoting; a platform that gets your market and reaches them on a daily basis through its online content.

Not if you choose a brand that has links with some of the biggest players in the industry.

Our partnerships with some of the world's biggest Celebrities, Musicians, Labels, PR Companies world-wide is something we are immensely proud of – and something that could open many doors for our advertisers.

Now it’s making sense, right?

FACT: Digital Advertising Is More Efficient Than Traditional Media

CONTROVERSIAL! But it is proven that digital advertising is generally seen to be one of the most efficient means of reaching an audience. Further, on a cost-per-conversion basis, the IAB estimates digital to be five to six times more efficient than direct mail.

Through its online content and international magazine, Vagabond Co. (incorporating Beneath The Skin®) makes its customers happy and relaxed.

And guess what? Happy and relaxed customers like to SPEND MONEY. On YOUR PRODUCTS.

It’s simple, it’s effective. But . . .


If you are among the following, you really need to be talking to us!

  • Tattooists

  • Bands

  • Record labels

  • Recording studios

  • Management companies

  • Event promoters

  • Venues

  • Entertainment companies

  • Music stores

  • Photographers

  • Graphic designers

  • Merchandise companies

We offer many different platforms on which to advertise, including our magazine, our website and our social media, as well as highly sought-after opportunities with partnership channels like WTE - and our rates are a lot more reasonable than most places. Why? It's quite simple - we want to give businesses a chance to grow, big or small, and get an opportunity to reach people they may not have been able to before. We have a great community and culture and it's all about helping and sharing.

So give it a go - it costs nothing to ask!

Check out our Advertising Guide for examples and pricing:

VGC - Advertisement Guide

Vagabond Co. Team


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