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Release Date: September 2015

Tony Martin

Many have broken down the band’s history into eras, and a very large contingent still claim that the Tony Martin era was the best. “The fact that people regard my time as worthy is always gonna be pleasing and I don’t disregard that from the fans at all. I always take time to communicate with them when I can.” Those in the know consider the music from the TM-era as more melodic and thematic, not as black?

Todd Kerns

When you’re 6’4” with “a head like a war zone” - his descrip-tion, not mine - and you look like a dark, leather-clad avenging angel - my description - you can just about call all the shots. But not if you’re Ca-nadian rocker Todd Kerns. Turns out the big man is a really nice guy. Awesome in his own right - and even more so for regularly playing with rock legend Slash - TK is a musician who seriously cares about his craft, his fans, his family and his friends.

Shanghai Kate

She is an ethereal, foxy, gypsy, stunning, brazen, spirited and spiritual, it feels as though she breathes each day with gratitude and fortitude and she has seen more than one person could ever imagine or dream for their life. It is hard to imagine Shanghai Kate’s feet ever touching the earth, an avid traveller and seeker, a woman who I suspect owns more books than gadgets, watches more sunsets than ‘crap’ on television, who holds value in the past, present and future and lives a life based on integrity and grace - and these are just the glimmers that you see in her exceptionally wise eyes - and oh, that smile!

Rob Kelly

Ten years and counting in the industry and Rob Kelly lives his dream of tattoo, art, creativity, his own shop, the admiration of his clients and a really amazing view on what tattoo means to him. His signature is not neces-sarily just in the esthetic of the art, Rob makes it his expressed preference to create customs for each piece that he works on, constantly challenging himself. It shows in how evolved his portfolio is and with the continuous addition of genres to his forte.

Michael Fatutoa

It is thought by many that the term ‘tattoo’ was first coined by naturalist Joseph Banks, who accompanied Captain James Cook onboard the Endeavour, when they discovered the Polynesian Islands in the early 1770s. In his journal, Joseph wrote: “I shall now mention the way they mark them-selves indelibly, each of them is so marked by their humor [sic] or disposition.”

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Issue 11 - Not Dead Yet With Tony Martin

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Featuring in this Issue: Tony Martin, Todd Kerns, Thomas Carli-Jarlier Maxime, Huscenot, Klone, Rob Kelly, James Newson, Samoan Mike, Kurt Gardiner, Shanghai Kate, Bear and much much more to see and hear inside this issue. So check it out....don't be shy.

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