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Release Date: July 2016

Rival Fire

Despite a late night in the studio, and very little sleep, Rob was happy to chat to this writer for over an hour - although it must be said that probably half of that time was spent discussing The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Marvel Comics!

Yes, despite his claim that he doesn’t even like horror movies, there’s nothing Rob enjoys more than the company of zombies - and his dog, Mars, aka The Pom God of War!

“I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that my dog is a Pomeranian cross Chihuahua, but he’s still my best mate.”

Moxy and The Influence

Dark, cavernous lyrics swallow you into the gritty rock and roll sound of this insanely awesome group of rockers. This isn’t rock and roll for the faint of heart and, the best bit is, that they actually have a ton of talent between them. Too young to appreciate good music, I think not!!! “I love some of the modern rock/metal that’s out there today. It’s a technologically savvy production method that really brings out cool sounds, and I like to have fun with the mixing processes on new songs. I love what we’re writing now so I want to work with it and watch our current style evolve into something even cooler. In the future, I’d also love to stick some orchestral instruments in there, and get some acoustic blending into electric the way I’ve seen a lot of bands do....

Devin Townsend

It’s a frustrating process because it seems like the easiest thing in the world, just to make good vibes for yourself but I think my process of writing includes trying to fi gure out where the hell I am. You get so emotionally closed off because of doing this, you don’t have an authentic connection to yourself after a while. Occasionally you get lost in that and assume that what you are and what you want to feel is a certain thing but maybe it isn’t, and fi nding out where you are at any given time is the goal.”

Pseudo Echo

You could describe Pseudo Echo as a lucky band, from the Lucky Country, but that might suggest these Melbourne exports hadn’t worked at it. And they most certainly have - despite rock historian Ian McFarlane’s comment that: “their combined flash clothes, blow-wave hairstyles, youthful exuberance and accessible synth-pop” was a winning combination that found a readymade audience among teenagers who “fawned on the band’s every move”.

Randy Hanson

A genuine “great” in his chosen path and instrument, a storyteller and historian, a music aficionado and a pioneer. He has been touring and gigging with the best of the best, the likes of John Cougar, Alice in Chains, Steve Miller…the list goes on and on. Oh yes, and a young lad by the name of Stevie ray Vaugh used to be their opening act. Yup, this is going to be a blast of an interview! Oh, and did I mention that he happens to be the first and the only Jimi Hendrix tribute that you should ever see?

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Issue 13 - Rob Farnham - In His Own Right

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Featuring in this Issue: Rival Fire, Blood, Sweat and Beers, Pseudo Echo, Fernando Bisceglia, Matt Stebly, Moxy and The Influence and much much more to see and hear inside this issue. So check it out....don't be shy.

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