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Release Date: September 2017

The Dives - The band everybody is talkin' about.

Pretty much for as long as he can remember, Evan Stanley wanted a career in music. Even in Elementary School, when the kids made a video about their futures, Evan said he’d definitely be making music.

So, when he moved to New York to attend the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, he knew he was on his way. And it was there he fulfilled his destiny by starting a band, The Dives.

Some might say that his chosen career was no surprise, given that his Dad is KISS front man Paul Stanley. But there was no ‘pushy parent syndrome’ at work here.

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Issue 15 - The Dives

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Featuring in this Issue: The Dives with Evan Stanley and Sergio Ortega. One of the hottest bands rising very quickly up the ladder. So check it out....don't be shy.

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