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Release Date: September 2017

Glenn Hughes - Last Man Standing

From jail time in Jakarta for a murder he didn’t commit, to private jets and drugfuelled celebrity parties, this hard rock veteran has done it - and seen it all.

Crack addiction, cocaine psychosis, booze, band bust-ups, he’s beaten them. He’s looked death in the face and sent it packing, forever evolving and moving forward to reach this moment in time.

With a rock pedigree to die for (Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Black Country Communion), Glenn is on a mission. And that’s to share the love with Purple fans Down Under, with a massive gig that’s been 41 years in the making.

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Issue 16 - Glenn Hughes

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Featuring in this Issue: We are super humbled to have the legendary Mr Glenn Hughes having a chat with us about past, present and future. So check it out....don't be shy.

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