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  • Michael Sweet - One Sided War

    In what promises to be Stryper front-man Michael Sweet’s most intense solo release to date, “One Sided War” showcases a full plate of hard rock & classic metal riffs from start to finish. One Sided War marks Michael’s 7th studio solo album and it clearly proves that he is still at the very top of his game! “I’ll tell you about it”, says Michael, “Musically it’s my heaviest solo album.   Go to the article ›

  • King Of The North – Get Out Of Your World

    Get Out Of Your World is the second album from Australian rock act King Of The North, set for release on August 5, in twenty two countries, through Dirty Rock in Australia and N.Z. and Rodeostar in Europe/U.K. Singer-guitarist/ songwriter/ co producer and inventor of the guitar pedal that gives King Of The North their huge sound, Andrew Higgs took deliberate measures to ensure this record had different flavours to the band’s critically acclaimed debut record ‘Sound The Underground’.   Go to the article ›

  • The Jelly Jam - New Album Profit Out Now via Mascot Label Group

    The Jelly Jam have released their epic new album Profit OUT NOW via Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group (Flying Colors, Gov’t Mule, Teramaze, Crippled Black Phoenix, Black Stone Cherry, Joe Bonamassa). The Jelly Jam featuring DREAM THEATER’s John Myung, WINGER’s Rod Morgenstein, and KING’S X Ty Tabor, will return in 2016 with a new album and their first ever world tour.   Go to the article ›

  • Absolutely Fabulous- The Movie Soundtrack

    Appropriate for their big screen debut, Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone (Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley) are still oozing glitz and glamour, living the high life they are accustomed to: shopping, drinking and clubbing their way around London’s trendiest hotspots.   Go to the article ›

  • The Monkees - 50th Anniversary Tour

    On September 8, 1965, when producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider placed a classified ad in The Hollywood Reporter seeking “4 insane boys,” they had no idea that they were about to unleash Monkee-mania! But that’s exactly what happened the following year when the first episode of “THE MONKEES” debuted on NBC on September 12, 1966.   Go to the article ›


It's Not All in Name - Alternatives to the Name Tattoo

As it seems this is the first "Rule" of tattoo, or perhaps it is simply the advice that you will hear most often from people..."NEVER GET A PERSONS NAME TATTOOED ON YOUR BODY". 

The Birth of Surf Style - Pre 60s surf fashion

The closest thing to surfing's Ark of Covenant is on display at the Sydney Freshwater Surf Club and it's one of the oldest examples of surfing style still around today.  

Revel In Your Rite Of Passage - Respect The Ink

I don't feel that our society is extremely rich in for-thought or planning. Houses go up in a matter of months, children are having babies, divorce is growing exponentially...there seems to be no consequence to anything anymore, especially not some of the most important decisions in our lives.  

Barely Legal

This blog applies to my belief on many subjects but particularly that of tattoos. Wait until you are at least 18.  

The Tattoo Oscars

It is finally happening! In 2015, tattoo culture will hit a new and very prominent milestone, the Tattoo Oscars! Little has been publicized as to the when and where but word is that it will follow a loosely similar format to the original Oscars, with a much more colorful venue and host...  

Starting from the beggining: Why do I Surf and why should you?

I want to answer this question because I think it's for the same reason that everyone should try surfing at least once in their lives and I hope that by telling you I might inspire you to give it a go. Also I've said a lot about the pros and the big events, which are awesome, but I want to get down to the brilliant act of just getting out and getting on a board.  

The New Wave of "Cover Up Tattoos"

I would like to think of it as more of a celebration tattoo, but in essence this new age of ink is to cover the scars left from Mastectomy.  

Girl Surf Network Paves the Way for Female Frothers

It’s about time the surf industry exercised a little girl power. The establishment of the Girl Surf Network (GSN) answers worldwide calls for such a thing, created and managed by professional women that live and breathe the wave riding lifestyle. Armed with a solid company mission, a sassy logo and a passionate team of experts, GSN is set to take the surfing industry by storm!  

Artist Profile: Joe Fenton

Joe Fenton is a London based artist that works mainly in monochrome. His large drawings are produced using graphite, ink and acrylics on paper. 

The Tattoo Hunter - Dr Lars Krutak

What do tattoos and anthropology have in common? If you are the average, there isn't too much of a connection there. However, if you are anthropologist Dr.Lars Krutak, the relation between the two is fascinating. Tattoo hunting has become synonymous with the name Dr. Lars Krutak, and follows a plethora of research and field studies by this genius Anthropologist.  

Relaxation For The Hope Of A Nation - Brazils World Championship Hope Chills At The Top

It's been an explosive tour for Brazilian Gabriel Medina, that much has been obvious since his forceful win straight out of the gates at the Quicksilver Gold Coast Pro.  

The Black Henna Nightmare

Body art is an important way in which people show the world who they are. For most people in 2014, tattooing is the most popular way of making something permanent, whether it’s your Mum, child’s birthday or a meaningful design that’s caught your eye -- inking up in the way millions go every year, with one in five US Citizens having followed suit. But not for some. 

The Aftermath - Tattoo Aftercare

You have done your due diligence prior to getting inked, chosen the right artist, the perfect design and pulled together your nerves to sit through it all. What now?   

Get Down and Derby with Medusa

Strapping on a pair of skates for a roller derby bout isn’t just getting ready for a play date with the girls; it is dedication to a sport. It is a bridge between female friendship, and fierce strength and force. 

Best Tattoos on Hard Rock Artists

Hard Rock and tattoos go hand-in-hand. Not all hard rock artists' tattoos are worth admiring. Some of the tattoos, however, have played a large role in artists' personas and overall appeal. Read below for three hard rock artists known for their interesting tattoos: 

Just Passing Through

No one knows Just Passing Through like Cyrus Sutton. 

A Mothers Advice On Tattoos

My Mother was very upset with me when I got my first tattoo. In my defense, I designed my tattoo and looked at it for one year before getting inked. I also used a very reputable artist that refused to tattoo anyone under the age of 18, regardless of parental consent. Hence, I was 18! 

Artist Profile - Troy Denning

A special insight into Tattoo Artist Troy Denning's world in this special 3 part series by Tattoo Age. 

Artist Profile - Grime

A special 3 part video series on the legendary artist Grime courtesy of Tattoo Age. A very candid insight into a legend of the Modern Tattoo world as we know it today. 

Amputee Tattoos

Just when I thought I had seen everything I happened upon yet another inspiring form of ink. Mastectomy covers blew my mind, the courage of these women absolutely beautiful. My eyes have been opened to a new form of ink that further inspires my heart. 

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