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Sugar Skull Make-up Tutorial

I would like to make a disclaimer now and say I am not a visual artist. Nor do I have the patience to sit there and redo my make-up over and over again. If you want the perfect sugar skull make-up you will need practice. The make-up in this tutorial took me over two hours to do.

This is a beginner’s guide with tips and tricks that you should expand upon, to make your Día de Muertos come to life.

Make-Up List:

• Rubbies Cream Makeup White (For Foundation)

• Cheap Black Eyeliner Pencil

• Milani Black Magic Liner & Eye Glimmer in Teal

• Milani Liquif’Eye Metallic

• Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Purple

• Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Pink

• L’Oreal Infalible Lip Stick Crimson

• Cosmetic Wedge

Step One:

Using a Cosmetic Wedge gently pat out the White Cream make-up on your face. Some people like their face to be pure white. I prefer a more natural look so I put on just enough to make me look like a ghost.

Step Two:

Draw circles around your eyes using the cheap eyeliner pencil. You don’t want them to big and you want them even. I’d suggest doing one circle then measuring across, putting a small dot on the other side of your face so it is even. If your circles are uneven you can try to fix them in step three.

Step Three:

Colour the circles in. I used the Milani Black Magic Eye Liner because the pencil is huge. The eyeliner is nearly black but has a teal glow to it. The eyes are a fun place to play around with colour. If you’re good at blending you can really play around with it. Remember, Sugar-skulls are extremely bright.

Step Four:

Draw the flower petals around the eyes. I did mine a little too big don’t copy me. I did it with the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Purple. Afterwards you colour in the flowers and I outlined it using the black eyeliner pencil.

Step Five:

Show me your teeth! Using the black liner draw a slightly curving line from the corner of your mouth to the middle of your cheek on both sides. Then do four lines straight down evenly spaced on both sides.

Option: I outlined my lips with the eyeliner then coloured it in using the Infalible Lipstick. You can continue doing teeth across your lips using the eyeliner.

Step Six:

The spider web… Make a dot in the center of your forehead just above where your nose starts. You can make that dot into a heart or put a sparkly gem there afterwards. Draw a straight line from the dot up. Draw other lines (4-6) from the dot to different parts of your forehead; they should have a small curve to them. Try to make these lines tight together. Afterwards make a subtle curved line from one line to the other, attaching them and creating a spiderweb. To give it a more 3-D look you should smudge it or use a metallic eyeliner pencil to go over it.

Step Seven:

Colour your nose black using your eyeliner. You can make a black heart or just outline your nose. I tried turning mine into a Spade but my friend said I gave myself a Hitler Stash.

Step Eight:

The chin… You can draw a flower down there, a heart, a swirly design, whatever fits your fancy! Look at other sugar skulls for inspiration. I finished mine off with pink swirls at the side. I can do swirls pretty well.

Please, share your sugar skull make-up creations with me!

Writer: Tyla Smith