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  • Michael Sweet - One Sided War

    In what promises to be Stryper front-man Michael Sweet’s most intense solo release to date, “One Sided War” showcases a full plate of hard rock & classic metal riffs from start to finish. One Sided War marks Michael’s 7th studio solo album and it clearly proves that he is still at the very top of his game! “I’ll tell you about it”, says Michael, “Musically it’s my heaviest solo album.   Go to the article ›

  • King Of The North – Get Out Of Your World

    Get Out Of Your World is the second album from Australian rock act King Of The North, set for release on August 5, in twenty two countries, through Dirty Rock in Australia and N.Z. and Rodeostar in Europe/U.K. Singer-guitarist/ songwriter/ co producer and inventor of the guitar pedal that gives King Of The North their huge sound, Andrew Higgs took deliberate measures to ensure this record had different flavours to the band’s critically acclaimed debut record ‘Sound The Underground’.   Go to the article ›

  • The Jelly Jam - New Album Profit Out Now via Mascot Label Group

    The Jelly Jam have released their epic new album Profit OUT NOW via Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group (Flying Colors, Gov’t Mule, Teramaze, Crippled Black Phoenix, Black Stone Cherry, Joe Bonamassa). The Jelly Jam featuring DREAM THEATER’s John Myung, WINGER’s Rod Morgenstein, and KING’S X Ty Tabor, will return in 2016 with a new album and their first ever world tour.   Go to the article ›

  • Absolutely Fabulous- The Movie Soundtrack

    Appropriate for their big screen debut, Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone (Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley) are still oozing glitz and glamour, living the high life they are accustomed to: shopping, drinking and clubbing their way around London’s trendiest hotspots.   Go to the article ›

  • The Monkees - 50th Anniversary Tour

    On September 8, 1965, when producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider placed a classified ad in The Hollywood Reporter seeking “4 insane boys,” they had no idea that they were about to unleash Monkee-mania! But that’s exactly what happened the following year when the first episode of “THE MONKEES” debuted on NBC on September 12, 1966.   Go to the article ›


Sydney Rock ‘n’ Roll & Alternative Market

Sydney Rock 'n' Roll & Alternative Market blasts into 2016 on Sunday February 7, at Manning Bar and House, Manning Road, University of Sydney. Featuring; a vast array of spectacular stalls, a massive record fair, swing dancing lessons, a classic and vintage vehicle display and a huge entertainment line-up with the Rumjacks, The Detonators and more. Part market, part music festival, part meeting place, it’s a place where you can have one of Sydney’s most unique shopping experiences and a fabulous day out.  

The Ink Toupee

With all of the technological leaps, medical strides and social progress that we have made in the last few decades it is no surprise that the tattoo industry is evolving in tow.  

Hair and There

This is 100% strictly an opinion piece and I will state upfront that I have a HUGE aversion to body hair. I love facial hair of all kinds on men but the rest of the body, not so much! This blog will be from this very biased opinion. 

Human Oddities - Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley's Believe It Or Not

If you are like me, you are intrigued by extremist behaviours. Most times people revel in watching or reading about others that do things unfathomable, dangerous and sometimes life altering things. It is a simple fact of human nature. This is why reality TV has become an astounding craze in modern times, but truly there is no better forum for this than that of Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley's Believe It Or Not.  

Off The Beaten Track (Ep 1)

2015 is here, the pro tours have kicked off and I couldn't be further from the beaten track and the well ridden waves. 

Eco Tattoo Removal

Whatever Happened To...? Now you may all recognise this phrase from mainstream television, a glimpse into the current lives of stars and starlets of past. Today I play this game, or rather ask the questions of an evolution in the tattoo industry from back in 2008. 

The Best Of 2015's New Surf Tech

The Board: The Surrator - Laird StandUp We've all liked a bit of Laird Hamilton and, more recently, some of us have been liking his range of boards and other kit. But if you haven't, now is the time to stand up and take notice (pun intended) as Laird et al. have made it to the cutting edge. 

The Creepy & Cool Of Tattoo Inventions

Of everything that I have written to date regarding tattoos, this article has been the absolute most fascinating for me. I was Wowed by the Tattoo Apps, and I am most definitely amazed by all of the artists and bands that I have met and spoken with but this is something different all together.  

So You Want To Play Truant With The Big Boys?

THEN GET ON YA BIKE, SONNY! Heavy metal rockers in Lycra? Maybe! But Lycra bike pants? WTF!! But yes, there is a place where you can see some of the greatest heavy metallers in the world, dressed in the stretchy stuff, and tell them to “get on their bike” WITHOUT getting smashed in the gob!  

The Roar Of The Dragon Is More Than Skin Deep

Tattooing has been practiced for centuries in many cultures and as long as there has been tattooing, there have been dragon tattoos. Since the very first time that man made his mark by hand-tapping pigment into the skin using sharpened animal bones, mythical creatures have been a popular choice. But the reason for that choice varies from culture to culture, and from century to century.  

Stephanie Gilmore: The ASP World Championship's Last Minute Winner

The surfing world looked on in amazement last month as Stephanie Gilmore just pipped Tyler Wright to the post to take the ASP women's World Championship crown, but Wright didn't go down without a fight. It was drama till the last at the Target Maui Pro, with the ASP women's World Championship Tour title up for grabs right up until the very last surf off of the tour's last event.  

The People's Republic of Carving

A lot of new voices from across the world are coming to play big parts in shaping modern surf culture and the fashion that goes with it. From the old breaks in Australia where, as we saw in the last blog, Girl Surf Network is telling the world that skill matters more than looks or money in surfing. To new frontiers in China, where the national culture is bringing a whole new aesthetic into surfing.  

Grim Reaper

Throughout time, people have consistently strived to outclass one another in some particular fashion or form. Whether it stems from genetics or pure disposition, people have a general nature to feel superior. It is in our DNA.  

Sugar Skull Make-up Tutorial

I would like to make a disclaimer now and say I am not a visual artist. Nor do I have the patience to sit there and redo my make-up over and over again. If you want the perfect sugar skull make-up you will need practice. The make-up in this tutorial took me over two hours to do. 

The cold of the frontier

A chill wind, a brash and clear dawn, some hot coffee beside a high energy breakfast, then off out to hit some of the coldest, emptiest waves on earth. This is what is attracting an increasing number of inquisitive travellers away from the warmer, overcrowded surf resorts of Australia, The US and Central America.  

Body Mods Gone Wrong

Warning: Some images may be distressing for some readers. 

Tattooing - In Slow Motion

Have you ever wondered what tattooing would look like in slow motion as Steel and Ink collide to create some beautiful Art? 

You Get What You Pay For

In many cases, and taking into consideration that many brand names are produced in the same factories as Wal-Mart and Target are, you can find better bang for your buck. Not with tattoos.  

Body issue? What body issue?

Should looks be celebrated over skill? it was announced last week that Coco Ho was to become the fourth female surfer to star in the famous, naked flesh-fest that is ESPN Magazine's 'The Body Issue'. She joins Stephanie Gilmore, Maya Gabeira, and Claire Bevilacqua whom have all got their kit off for the Body Issue. By contrast Kelly Slater is the only male ASP surfer to have been called up, despite there being more than twice as many male surfers on the tour at any one time, strange that.  

Eye of the Beholder - Eye Tattoos

Extremism shows in every walk of life - Compulsive gamblers, collectors, daredevils, risk takers...some of these people are some of the most interesting and diverse people you would ever want to meet. Although many of us shake our heads to the nature of the extreme desires, how can you understand if you do to share the passion, we all of some degree of extremism in our nature. 

The Dead Daisies