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  • Ravenna


    As soon as you slip into the dress, you will feel yourself slipping into a dream; that blissful state of mind between consciousness and unconsciousness.

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  • Caprice


    Who is Caprice? A woman who is ruled by whim, impulsive. She demands your attention. She strikes fear in your heart but you're hopelessly drawn to her.

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  • Allegra


    Look once, and you'll see her. Look again, and she's gone. Allegra wears her mystery well, she flaunts it, teasing you but never revealing who she is.

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  • Vanda


    Bold and brave Vanda is a realist - but the edges are blurred. She tells it as it is, but with a twist so you're never quite sure what's real.

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    Vanda brings a style - a combination of “realism and trash; the nature and the abstract; past, present, and future."

    Like so many other things in the art world, people either love her or hate her – Images, smears, smudges and kinetic designs merge to become one with her flesh.

    Vanda is new and very bold - she tells you the way it is, but with a twist!! So you're never quite sure what's real.

    She will get up close and personal, she breaks the rules, she breaks your heart. She makes you feel uncomfortable.

    It's chaotic, wrong but right, technology and humanity all mixed up. . .Trash, with class.

    How do you "Wear Your Skin"®?

    To help you get an idea - Please find below our Model sizing - she is wearing a Small Hosiery size in the photos above.

    Height: 181cm 5'11.5"

    Bust: 90cm 35.5"

    Waist: 69cm 27"

    Hips: 96cm 38"

    Dress: 10 Aus

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